Shielded Couplings

Fernco shielded couplings provide maximum transfer of pressure from the clamps -to the gasket - to the pipe.

Shielded couplings also add extra strength and rigidity and help maintain proper alignment.

Stainless Steel Shear Rings

Fits all of the 1000 Series Flexible Couplings. Adds extra strength and rigidity. Available for 1.5" to 27" couplings.

Strong Back RC Couplings

Shear ring and flexible PVC coupling packaged together. Used on pipes 4" to 27".

5000 Series RC Couplings

Connect pipelines of different materials or sizes used in sewer an drain applications.

Proflex Couplings

Strong and rigid helps maintain proper alignment. Used on pipes 1.5" to 8"

No-Hub Couplings

Engineered to connect No-Hub cast iron pipe in applications replacing the less efficient hub and spigot material.