Flexible Connectors

Flexible Connectors

Residential plumbing fittings includes plumbing pipe ends, hose bibs, water well debris traps, drain traps, drain pipe and trap connectors, shower drain connectors, utility drain line connectors, downspout connectors and more.

Qwik Caps

Quick, reusable caps for pipe ends, testing & cleanouts.

Hose Bibbs

Quick, reusable hose bibb for testing.

Water Well Debris Traps

Prevents loose debris from plugging pump suction area.

Flexible Qwik Traps

The easy way to replace plastic or metal drain traps.

Drain & Trap Connectors

Connect tubular traps to common household drain pipe.

Tubular Drain Pipe Connector

For any combination of 1½ or 1¼” tubular drain pipe.

Dishwasher Drain Connector

Connect dishwasher hose to sink drain or garbage disposer.

Shower Drain Connectors

Connect 2” drain pipe to shower drain bodies.


For the repair of broken toilet flanges.

Utility Connectors

Connect small drain lines to 1-1/2” DWV Plastic Socket.

Hose Grip Clothes Washer Connector

Prevents accidental washer hose spills.

Downspout Connectors

Seals out problem causing debris and pests.

Universal Downspout Connectors

For the connection of standard and non-standard downspouts.

Wax Free Toilet Seal

Flexible ribs form a tight, positive seal to the inside of the drain pipe.