SealGuard II

SealGuard II

Stop leaks at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods—quickly, easily and permanently.

SealGuard II, a Polyurethane Grout, is designed for high inflows in precast, cement or brick underground infrastructure to effectively seal active infiltration and leakage in even the smallest fractures. Opposed to covering a leak, SealGuard II is injected directly into the flowing water, causing the infiltration to instantly stop in its tracks. This process rapidly fills the void within three seconds, without any absorption of water or future leakage. Due to the unequivocal design, the check-valve in the static mixer allows the product to be used again in the future while retaining the polyurethane safely inside the bottle.

The cured polyurethane product performs well with all substances except the most severe solvent or chemical attacks, such as from highly concentrated nitric or sulphuric acid. Additionally, SealGuard II is hydrophobic—it will not shrink or transmit VOCs.

Ideal for manholes, meter pits, culverts, bunds or any concrete structure that needs to be dry, SealGuard II permits a leak-free advantage for the application’s own purpose or prior to a long term repair. In comparison to traditional cement alternative systems, SealGuard II grout repair holds a range of advantages that will quickly, easily and permanently seal off fractures and leaks.

  • Patented design
  • Cure flow rates up to 3 LPS
  • Injection into the finest of fractures
  • Reconstitution, even in flowing water
  • 13,700 PSI compressive strength
  • Cures within minutes
  • Hydrophobic


Please use - SGII Drill Bit - 5/8"

5/8"" x 18"x 3/8” Masonry Hammer Drill Bit (Standard Chuck)