Acid Resist Chart

R = Recommended | N = Not Recommended
Reagent PVC
Acetic Acid 20% R
Acetic Acid 80% N
Acetone N
Alcohol (Methyl or Ethyl) R
Aluminum Chlorate R
Aluminum Sulfate R
Alums R
Ammonia Gas (Dry) R
Ammonium Chloride R
Ammonium Hydroxide R
Ammonium Nitrate R
Ammonium Phosphate R
Ammonium Sulfate R
Ammonium Sulfide R
Amyl Chloride N
Aniline N
Aqua Regia N
Barium Chloride R
Barium Hydroxide 10% R
Barium Sulfate R
Barium Sulfide R
Beer R
Beet Sugar Liquors R
Benzene N
Benzoic Acid R
Black Liquor N
Bleach 12 5% active Cl2 R
Boric Acid R
Bromic Acid R
Bromine Water N
Butane N
Butyric Acid N
Calcium Carbonate R
Calcium Chloride R
Calcium Hydroxide R
Calcium Hypochlorite R
Calcium Sulfate R
Cane Sugar Liquors R
Carbon Bisulfide N
Carbon Dioxide R
Carbon Monoxide R
Carbon Tetrachloride N
Carbon Acid R
Caustic Soda R
Caustic Potash R
Chloride (Dry) N
Chloride (Wet) N
Chloroacetic Acid N
Chlorobenzene N
Chloroform N
Chromic Acid 10% N
Chromic Acid 50% N
Citric Acid R
Copper Chloride R
Copper Cyanide R
Copper Nitrate R
Copper Sulfate R
Cottonseed Oil N
Cresol N
Cyclohexanol N
Cyclohexanone N
Dimethylamine N
Dioctylphalate N
Disodium Phosphate N
Reagent PVC
Distilled Water R
Ethers N
Ethyl Acetate N
Ethylene Chloride N
Ethylene Glycol N
Fatty Acids (C6) R
Ferric Chloride R
Ferric Sulfate R
Flourine (Gas Wet) N
Formaldehyde (37%) N
Formic Acid (90%) N
Freon 12 N
Fruit Juices & Pulp R
Furfural N
Gasoline (Refined) N
Glucose R
Glycerine N
Hydrobromic Acid (20%) N
Hydrochloric Acid R
Hydrocyanic Acid N
Hydroquinone R
Hypochlorous Acid R
Iodine N
Kerosene N
Lactic Acid 25% R
Linseed Oil N
Liquors N
Machine Oil N
Magnesium Chloride R
Magnesium Sulfate R
Maleic Acid N
Methyl Chloride N
Methyl Ethyl Ketone N
Milk R
Mineral Oils N
Mixed Acids N
Muriatic Acid R
Nickel Chloride R
Nickel Sulfate R
Oils & Fats N
Oleic Acid N
Oleum N
Oxalic Acid R
Palmitric Acid 10% N
Perchloric Acid 10% R
Perchloric Acid 70% N
Petroleum Oils (Sour) N
Phenol 5% N
Photographic Solutions R
Phosphorous Trichloride N
Piric Acid N
Plating Solution R
Potassium Carbonte R
Potassium Chlorate R
Potassium Chloride R
Potassium Cyanide R
Potassium Dichromate R
Potassium Hydroxide R
Potassium Permanganate 10% R
Potassium Sulfate R
Propane Gas R
Propyl Alcohol R
Sea Water R
Sewerage R
Reagent PVC
Silver Cyanide R
Silver Nitrate R
Silver Sulfate R
Sodium Bicarbonate R
Sodium Bisulfite R
Sodium Carbonate R
Sodium Cyanide R
Sodium Ferrocyanide R
Sodium Hydroxide R
Sodium Hypochlorite R
Sodium Sulfate R
Sodium Sulfide R
Sodium Sulfite R
Sodium Thiosulfate R
Stannic Chloride R
Stannos Chloride R
Stearic Acid R
Sulfite Liquor R
Sulfur R
Sulfur Dioxide (Dry) R
Sulfur Dioxide (Wet) R
Sulfuric Acid 50% R
Sulfuric Acid 70% R
Sulfuric Acid 93% N
Sulfurous Acid N
Tannic Acid R
Tanning Liquors R
Tartaric Acid R
Toulene N
Trichloroethylene N
Triethanolamine N
Trisodium Phosphate N
Turpentine N
Urea R
Urine R
Vinegar R
Water (Fresh) R
Water (Salt) R
Whiskey R
Wines R
Xylene N
Zinc Chloride R
Zinc Sulfate R
The data listed in this table is
only to give information in
regard to general use and
does not constitute a
guarantee. Materials should
be tested under actual
service to determine
suitability for a particular