Fernco Flexible Chemical Couplings

Fernco Flexible Chemical Couplings

Fernco's Flexible Chemical Couplings are manufactured to meet specific site requirements, Fernco Chemical Couplings withstand the widest possible range of chemicals, due to the shear band and clamping bands encasing a high-performance elastomeric sleeve with a chemically resistant one-piece Fluoropolymer (FEP) liner and expanded PTFE seals.

Part No. Description Min. Inch Max. Inch
CC56G 1 1/2" PL/CI/GL 1.73" 2.09"
CC65G 2 " PL/CI/GL or 11/2" DU 2.13 2.60"
CC75G 2" DU or 21/2" PL 2.64 3.11"
CC100G 3" PL/CI/GL 3.15" 3.50"
CC115G 3" DU/DI 3.54" 4.29"
CC125G 4" PL/CI/GL/DU/DI 4.33" 5.20"
CC180G 6" PL/CI/GL/DU/DI 6.22" 7.01"
CC225G 8" PL/CI/GL/DU/DI 8.35" 9.21"
CC275G 10" CI/GL 9.25 10.59
CC290G 10" PL/DU/DI 10.63" 12.09"
CC335G 12" PL/CI/GL 12.25" 12.75"
CC345G 12" DU/DI 12.75" 13.50"

PL: Plastic / CI: Cast Iron / DU: Duriron / DI: Ductile Iron / GL: Glass


  • Transitions dissimilar chemical piping and sizes
  • Chemical resistant drain system, connects chemical waste piping to chemical waste tanks
  • One piece Fluoropolymer (FEP) Barrier
  • Suitable for above & below ground use
  • Max temp: 212° F consistent, 266° F intermittent
  • 4.3 PSI maximum test pressure


  • Connects chemically resistant DWV pipe and fittings
  • Suitable for above below-ground use
  • Connects drain pipe for: chemistry labs, research labs, beverage plants, commercial kitchens, printing, as well as medical, pharmaceutical, pulp, film and chemical facilities


Technical Data
Fernco Chemical Couplings diagram



1 Ensure the pipe ends are free from debris and chamfered to a minimum of 1/8" x 45°

Fernco Chemical Couplings Installation Step 2

2 Mark the positions for the PTFE seals symmetrically, to ensure they will be located below the coupling bands

Fernco Chemical Couplings Installation Step 3

3 Apply the pipe seals onto the pipe, overlapping the ends

Fernco Chemical Couplings Installation Step 4

4 Install the FEP liner over the seals and apply hot air evenly to shrink the liner onto the pipe

Fernco Chemical Couplings Installation Step 5

5 Position the coupling centrally over the liner and tighten all clamps to 60 lb/in.