If you require an AIS compliant product, please refer to the 6000 RC series couplings. These parts represent the RC coupling design and the AIS couplings will be labeled accordingly.

Fernco products are manufactured articles, which do not result in exposure
to hazardous chemicals under normal use. Fernco, therefore, is exempt
from the requirements for preparing Material Safety Data Sheets and sending
M.S.D.S.'s and labels to downstream purchasers of our products.

**with the exception of Pow-R products - SDS sheet are on line

Fernco no longer sells Pipe Patch materials. This line of product was taken over by a company named Source 1 Environmental. Their web address is www.s1eonline.com

Click "Human Resources" -> Click on the link under "Employment Application"

Fernco does not currently sell direct . We suggest you call our toll free number and ask for Customer Service to suggest wholesale distributors in your area.

Go to www.Fernco.com -> Click on
"Rep Plumbing/Cust log in" -> Click "Log in" or "Create an account" ->
After log in has occurred Click "Price Lists" under "Rep Plumbing" (left
hand side, ninth one down) -> Click "Download Excel Spreadsheet (.xls)"

We suggest soaking your hands in soapy water to remove most of the residue. Unfortunately, there is no chemical that will help the process along. We suggest allowing the natural oils from your hands to loosen the fiberglass.

Only the FTS-4 can be used in a wall mounted toilet.

Our couplings are rated up to 140 degrees, but sporadically.

Other than the few items such as the Power Wrap family, Toilet Seals, and Storm Drain, you can break box quantity.

Standard lead time is 2-3 days if it ships UPS ground.

Fernco has a few items that have to be ordered in box quantities, such as the Power Wrap family, Toilet Seals, and Storm Drain, but other than those few items we have no minimums.

Then we will direct you to more qualified personnel who will hopefully be able to help out more.

Please look in our customer service section for a list of customer service representatives you may contact for further help.

No special tools required. Simply remove the old toilet, if present. Then place the new one on the same way.