SealGuard Product Line

SealGuard II Starter Kit
Part No. SG-6KITST

Kit Includes:

  • 6 - SealGuard II polyurethane grout
  • 6 - Premier Static Mixers
  • Dual component heavy-duty caulk gun
  • Safety goggles
  • Two pairs of chemical gloves
  • Safety clothing (disposable coveralls)
Model # Description Case Pack
SG-6KITST SealGuard II Starter Kit 6 Pack
SG-RE6 SealGuard II Reorder Kit (6) 6 Pack
SG-RE12 SealGuard II Reorder Kit (12) 12 Pack
SG-3KIT-COMBO Combo, 3 SGII, 3 HF, 1 X-Seal 1 Kit
SG-CGunPN Pnueumatic Dual Component Caulk Gun 1 Each
SG-CGunD Dual Component Caulk Gun 1 Each
SG-MXP6 Premier Static Mixers 1/2 Dozen
SG-MXP12 Premier Static Mixers 1 Dozen
SG-CGL12 Chemical Gloves 1 Dozen
SG-CSG1 Chemical Safety Goggles 1 Each


Instantly stop water infiltration, with a closed cell hydrophobic grout that does not shrink.

Model # Description Case Pack
SG-HF6 HyperFlex (300 mil Cartridges) 6 6 Pack
SG-HF12 HyperFlex (300 mil Cartridges) 12 12 Pack


Bonds and seals concrete, metal, plastic, wood and pre-cast connections, and expands to fill voids and seal all substrates.

Model # Description Case Pack
SG-X-SEAL-12 XSeal (300 ml cartridges) 12 12