Manhole Cracks Repaired with XSeal in Troy, Michigan

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City of Troy, MI
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Troy, MI completed a manhole assessment study and identified several structures with barrel joint leaks and low frames. A typical reconstruction of manhole chimneys consists of loading a dump truck with masonry sand, bags of Portland cement and hauling a large cement mixer, and is accompanied by another dump truck hauling a mini excavator and concrete grade rings. This process has been proven to be costly, timely and overall ineffective when rehabilitating infrastructure.

Source One Environmental consulted with Troy on the benefits of using XSeal, a single-component hydrophobic polyurethane sealant to bond and seal concrete, metal, plastic, wood and more. By switching from mixing mortar to join the adjustment rings and castings to using XSeal, one crew can triple their reconstruction time, saving the city costs and time/ The result is an air and water tight seal that will outlast mortar.

“XSeal is great. Before, we had to wait for the mortar to be mixed and wait for it to set up before we could backfill. Then we would double check the inside for cracking. Now we can rebuild chimneys no matter the weather conditions”