Residential Sewer Inspections

5 warning signs your home needs a sewer inspection

As a homeowner, it’s imperative to understand your sewer system’s current condition in order to save substantial costs in the future. However, if you’re not a plumber or contractor, it’s likely that you do not have access to an inspection camera in order to accurately see the system’s state underneath your house.

Video inspections are the most accurate way to have a clear diagnosis of the sewer. Inspection technology allows plumbers or contractors to send a camera underground to inspect the problem. This is the most efficient way to determine the damaged area and formulate an appropriate solution.

With technology like the S1E Portable Crawler System and Push Camera, professionals can inspect 2”-12” diameter pipes and handle versatile applications. With real-time camera footage and recording capabilities, you’ll be able to accurately find the damaged area that is causing above-ground issues—saving you time, expenses and headaches.

Consider contacting a local professional for a sewer or plumbing camera inspection if you see these signs:


High water bill

If you see a large increase in your water bill without over-usage on your end, it’s very probable that your pipes are leaking. A damaged sewer uses more water, and in turn, increases your water consumption and expense.

Inconsistent water pressure

Damaged pipes will lower the water pressure and flow you receive from a shower head, sink, hose, etc. If you cannot find the damaged pipe inside of your house, it is most likely being caused from the sewer.

Clogging / draining slowly

While clogs are commonly caused by the buildup of debris, grease, paper products, etc, they can also be an indication of more serious sewer damage. If you’re unable to unclog the drain with a plunger or other household methods and you notice more than one drain is clogged, it is likely that a clog has occurred in the sewer’s main or secondary lines.

Toilet flushing

If your toilet is flushing irregularly and plunging doesn’t help, it can also be a sign of sewer issues. Once this happens, it’s better to take care of the problem immediately than wait. A toilet issue can cause a raw sewage backup and lead to further damage to your house.

The age of your house

While this isn’t a “sign”, it’s important to note that older houses tend to have more issues with their piping and sewer system. Tree roots are a common issue in older homes and can causer serious infiltration/inflow issues. Whether you just moved into an older home or have been there for years, it’s important to perform maintenance on your sewer system before expensive and disruptive damage occurs.


If you are experiencing leaks and blockage, an inspection system will find the exact spot causing the issue and allow a professional to create a proactive solution before the situation becomes worse.


About S1E: Source One Environmental (S1E) was established in 2009 to provide innovative solutions for municipalities, contractors and plumbers in the water management and infrastructure rehabilitation markets. S1E manufacturers trenchless repair products that provide customers with an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective solution while offering on-site training and consultations.