Wax Free Toilet Seal testimonial by John in Dallas, Texas

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I couldn’t believe my eyes when early this morning a FedEx truck delivered the toilet seals we spoke of yesterday afternoon!

I haven’t had a chance to install your product yet – but if it is half as good as your effort to help me – I’m sure my problem will be fixed.

I hope I didn’t sound angry in any of my communications with you. I wasn’t angry at all – just a little frustrated at not being able to find your product stocked locally.

Everyone I spoke to here in the Dallas, Texas area represented your company courteously. Since I am just a “home owner” looking for one seal – they were probably not used to dealing with such a small amount of product.

Your response to my E-mails, however, went way beyond the usual and “required” responses from most customer service departments!!

Thank you so much for helping me. I may not have much influence with those who might use your products (plumbers etc.) but you can be sure that I will share this experience with my friends and acquaintances.

(I do have one friend who is a plumber and is very interested in how this seal works for me).

Again, I can’t say enough about your attitude and response to solving my problem. What a nice experience!

Thanks again


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