Wax Free Toilet Seal Proves Reliable

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Independent Contractor in St. Louis, MO
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I just wanted to take a moment, and remark about one of your products. My name is David Contestabile. I am an independent contractor in the St. Louis, Mo area, and I also rehab. distressed homes. Several years ago, I began using your Wax-Free Toilet Seal, because it allows me to pull and reset a toilet numerous times, without fail, as a bathroom remodel is underway. I have always gone to plumber supply companies, as they weren't available at Lowe's or Home Depot. And since I purchase all of my other supplies at the big hardware stores, it has been somewhat inconvenient, so I buy several at a time. But, I was in Lowe's the other day to grab some toilet rebuild kits, and I saw they are now carrying your product. It's fantastic to see them there. I would like to see if perhaps you could try to get them in Home Depot as well- The design, of this, is virtually fail-safe as it has a 3" neck that extends down into the flange. I never use anything else anymore, and I let everyone I can, know about them (I usually have a few of both 3" & 4" on hand).

I would like to suggest though, that there could be a display box/stand that the stores can position in the aisle, but off of the shelf so that people will notice them. I am confident if they are noticed, contractors will buy them up, and they will have a hard time keeping them in stock. I have gotten in the habit of calling the supply house before driving down there, because they have been sold out, on several occasions. Again, thank you for your time, and a truly fantastic product. You know how many times I end up replacing rotted subfloors because of failed wax rings? And customers are happy to see the Fernco gaskets, because they see, there is no way for the water to escape and re-damage. I just can't say enough about this product.

Thank You