FTS-4 Wax Free Toilet Seal Testimonial

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Recently, I had to re-seat a leaky toilet. When I removed the toilet, I saw that it had two extra deep wax rings as it was previously reseated after tiling the floors and the flange was very deep. Researching online, I came upon your FTS-4 Wax Free toilet seal. Following the instructions, I cleaned around the sealing area and attached the product. I had my doubts. When I was re-installing the toilet, I accidentally dropped it. Needless to say, I am now looking for a new replacement. However, as a test, to see how tightly the seal was attached to the toilet, I tried to pull it off. It took some effort. In fact, the sticky gue came off the rubber but stayed on the toilet. I was really impressed with how well it attached it's self to the toilet. I am looking for a new toilet, but will definitely be picking up another FTS4. Hopefully, I will not drop this one :)

Thanks for creating such a great and mess-free product.