Fernco Downspout Connectors

Downspout Connectors

Seals infiltration out of downspouts.

Fernco's Flexible Downspout Connectors stretches easily over most common downspouts and drain pipes to seal out problem causing debris and pests.


  • For use with aluminum, steel or plastic downspouts and cast iron, spiral, corrugated or plastic drain pipe.
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Long-lasting


  • Made of flexible PVC


  • DSC-43 - 4” (101mm)Drain Pipe and 3” x 2” (76 x 50mm) rectangular Downspout
    DSC-33 - 3” (76mm) Drain Pipe and 3” (76mm) round or 2-1/2” (63.5mm) square Downspout
    DSC-534 - 4” (101mm) Drain Pipe and 5” x 3” rectangular Downspout