Large Diameter Coupling Series

Large Diameter Couplings

Designed for sewage, drainage and low pressure applications and are manufactured to suit any outside pipe diameter.

Fernco provides Large Diameter Standard Couplings from 23.5” to 82.5” that are manufactured to order, thereby meeting specific contractor and site requirements. Large Diameter Couplings can suit any outside pipe diameter and any size of coupling can be supplied direct to the site.


  • Ideal coupling for repairs, alterations or rehabilitation of large diameter sewer pipe
  • Made from flexible PVC
  • Use with common sewer piping materials: clay, concrete, cast and ductile iron, AC, plastic or fiberglass


  • Accommodates an O.D. difference of up to one inch*
  • Measures 10 inches wide
  • 1/2 inch thick with multiple sealing ribs
  • 4 - Series 304 (18-8) stainless steel High Torque Clamps
  • Up to 120 in./lbs. of torque for greater sealing pressure.
  • Maximum test pressure: 4.3 PSI


  • Order Large Diameter Couplings by specifying the outside diameter (O.D.) of both pipes in inches.
    *Where O.D. differences range from 1" - 12", a Fernco bushing system is available .