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Environmental Commitment

Environmental Commitment

Our connection to the environment underlies our commitment to protecting, preserving, and enhancing the natural world, while growing our business. For decades, we have implemented cost-efficient programs and practices that reduce our impact on the environment.

Our environmental commitment emphasizes compliance with regulation and stewardship - to ensure the protection and preservation of the environment. We believe that minimizing our environmental footprint through each phase of the product’s lifecycle is good for our business and will create value both socially and economically, reduce costs, and build our brands in a sustainable manner. We are committed to consuming fewer natural resources, reducing harmful emissions, and increasing the recovery and reuse of resources.

Our Environmental Commitment:

  • Eliminated cadmium and lead from our PVC compound in 1990
  • We regrind/recycle 90% of our internal PVC scrap
  • 25% of our injection grade PVC is reprocessed from pre-consumer scrap since 2008
  • 85% of the steel used in our clamps is from recycle steel
  • 46% of our cartons contain recycled materials
  • We recycle all of our cardboard since 2008
  • Implemented first phase of recycled paper products effort
  • All plant facility lighting is energy efficient fluorescent fixtures reducing our lighting energy consumption by 1/3
  • Operate only battery-powered fork trucks, saving propane costs and the use of fossil fuels
  • Changed the method of treating our cooling water tower in order to reduce water consumption by 2/3
  • All of the components used in Fernco couplings are 100% recyclable
  • Fernco products are now Non-Phthalate Materials. Tested and compliant to the same code requirements as previous formula